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Colombia Clinches Thrilling 2-1 Victory Over Paraguay in Copa América Group D Showdown

In an exciting Copa América Group D match held at NRG Stadium, Colombia secured a 2-1 victory over Paraguay. The game took place Monday (West Africa  Time) and saw an engaging competition between the two teams.

The match's first goal came in the 32nd minute from Colombia's Muñoz. Colombia extended their lead with a goal from Lerma in the 42nd minute, establishing a solid 2-0 lead by halftime. Paraguay responded with a goal from J. Enciso in the 69th minute, but it wasn't enough to close the gap.

The statistics of the match highlight Colombia's dominance in terms of ball possession and passing accuracy. Colombia controlled 68% of the possession, completing 534 passes with an 82% accuracy rate. In contrast, Paraguay managed 32% possession with 252 passes and a 63% pass accuracy. 

Both teams had an equal number of shots on target (3), but Paraguay slightly edged Colombia in total shots with 12 compared to Colombia's 11. The match was intense, as evidenced by the fouls count: Colombia committed 10 fouls while Paraguay committed 18. 

In terms of disciplinary actions, Colombia received one yellow card, whereas Paraguay received two. No red cards were issued during the match. Additionally, both teams had a few offside calls, with Colombia having one and Paraguay two. Both teams also had three corners each.

Overall, the match was a testament to Colombia's efficient gameplay and control, which ultimately earned them the victory.

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