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Brazil Held to a Stalemate by Costa Rica in 2024 Copa América Group D Match

In a surprising turn of events at SoFi Stadium, Brazil was held to a goalless draw by Costa Rica during their Copa América Group D match. Despite dominating possession and creating numerous opportunities, Brazil failed to break the deadlock, showcasing a resilient Costa Rican defense.

Match Statistics:
- Shots: Brazil 19, Costa Rica 2
- Shots on Target: Brazil 3, Costa Rica 0
- Possession: Brazil 74%, Costa Rica 26%
- Passes: Brazil 695, Costa Rica 248
- Pass Accuracy: Brazil 90%, Costa Rica 74%
- Fouls: Brazil 13, Costa Rica 10
- Yellow Cards: Brazil 1, Costa Rica 2
- Red Cards: None
- Offsides: Brazil 3, Costa Rica 0
- Corners: Brazil 9, Costa Rica 1

Brazil's attacking prowess was evident as they fired 19 shots, with 3 on target, compared to Costa Rica's 2 shots, neither of which were on target. The Brazilian team maintained 74% of the possession and completed 695 passes with an impressive 90% accuracy. However, the Costa Rican defense remained steadfast, successfully keeping Brazil at bay and earning a valuable point.

Costa Rica, with only 26% possession and 248 passes, focused on a disciplined defensive strategy, which ultimately paid off. Despite committing 10 fouls and receiving 2 yellow cards, their effort to thwart Brazil's advances was commendable.

This result leaves Group D wide open, with both teams eager to secure their spots in the knockout stages. Brazil will look to improve their finishing in their next match, while Costa Rica will aim to build on this solid defensive performance.

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