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2024 African Championships Women's 10,000m Final Results: Gladys Kwamboka Dominates

In a thrilling display of endurance and skill, Gladys Kwamboka of Kenya clinched the gold medal in the Women's 10,000 meters at the DOUALA 2024 African Championships held on June 24, 2024. Kwamboka secured her victory with a commendable time of 36:53.59, showcasing her dominance in long-distance running.

Following closely behind Kwamboka were her compatriots from Kenya, Rebecca Mwangi, who secured the silver medal with a time of 36:59.69. The bronze medal went to Ethiopia's Gela Hambese, who finished strong with a time of 37:09.20.

Here is the Results:

1.🥇 Gladys Kwamboka KEN 36:53.59 🇰🇪
2.🥈. Rebecca Mwangi KEN 36:59.69 🇰🇪
3.🥉Gela Hambese ETH 37:09.20 🇪🇹
4. Alem Nigus ETH 37:20.04
5. Mendouga Ottomo CMR 38:22.71

The competition witnessed fierce rivalry and exemplary athleticism from the athletes, with Alem Nigus of Ethiopia finishing fourth in 37:20.04, and Mendouga Ottomo of Cameroon closing the top five with a time of 38:22.71.

The Women's 10,000m event at the DOUALA 2024 African Championships was a testament to the spirit of sportsmanship and the incredible talent present in African athletics.

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