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2024 African Championships Women's 4x100m Final Results: Nigeria Secures Gold

The Nigerian women's 4x100m relay team dominated the track today at the African Championships in Douala, claiming the gold medal with a swift time of 43.01 seconds. The quartet, composed of Tima Godbless, Tobi Amusan, Justina Eyakpobeyan, and Olayinka Olajide, showcased impeccable teamwork and speed, reaffirming Nigeria's prowess in sprint events.

Ghana followed closely behind, earning the silver medal with a time of 43.62 seconds, while Liberia secured the bronze with a time of 44.38 seconds.

Here is the Results:

1.đŸ„‡Nigeria 43.01 
2.đŸ„ˆGhana 43.62 
3.đŸ„‰Liberia 44.38 
4. Botswana 44.69
5. Namibia 45.74
6. Congo 45.90
7. Kenya 46.63
8. Burkina Faso 46.83

The race witnessed strong performances from Botswana in fourth place (44.69 seconds), Namibia in fifth (45.74 seconds), Congo in sixth (45.90 seconds), Kenya in seventh (46.63 seconds), and Burkina Faso in eighth (46.83 seconds).

The competition highlighted the impressive athleticism and dedication of Africa's top female sprinters, captivating fans and enthusiasts alike. Each team demonstrated resilience and skill, contributing to an electrifying event at the championship.

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