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2024 African Championships Men's 4x100m Final Results: Ghana Wins Gold

The Ghanaian men's 4x100m relay team clinched gold at the African Championships held today in Douala on Monday. The team sprinted to victory with a swift time of 38.63 seconds, showcasing their exceptional speed and teamwork.

Following closely behind, Nigeria secured the silver medal with a time of 38.84 seconds, while CĂŽte d'Ivoire took the bronze with a time of 39.77 seconds.

Here is the Results:

1.đŸ„‡Ghana 38.63 
2.đŸ„ˆNigeria 38.84 
3.đŸ„‰CĂŽte d'Ivoire 39.77 
4. Namibia 39.82
5. Kenya 40.11
South Africa DNF
Senegal DNF
Botswana DNF

The race was highly competitive, with Namibia finishing just outside the medals in fourth place at 39.82 seconds, followed by Kenya at 40.11 seconds.

Unfortunately, South Africa, Senegal, and Botswana did not finish the race, marking a challenging day for these teams.

The event drew significant attention from athletics enthusiasts and fans alike, highlighting the talent and determination of Africa's top sprinters. The athletes' performances underscored their commitment to excellence and their preparation for upcoming international competitions.

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