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2024 African Championships: Women's 100m Final Results - Gina Mariam Leads the Party

In a thrilling final of the Women's 100m at the Douala 2024 African Championships held on June 22, 2024, Gina Mariam Bass Bitaye from The Gambia clinched the gold medal with a blazing time of 11.14 seconds. She edged out Maia McCoy of Liberia, who took the silver with a time of 11.16 seconds, and Maboundou Kone of CĂŽte d'Ivoire, who secured the bronze with a time of 11.24 seconds.

Here is Women's 100m final (0.0) Full Results:

1.đŸ„‡Gina Mariam Bass Bitaye GAM 11.14 

2.đŸ„ˆMaia McCoy LBR 11.16 

3.đŸ„‰Maboundou Kone CIV 11.24 

4. Destiny Smith-Barnett LBR 11.34

5. Tsaone Sebele BOT 11.45

6. Asimenye Simwaka MAW 11.49

7. Olayinka Olajide  NGR 11.55

8. Halutie Hor GHA 11.73

The race, held under perfect conditions with a 0.0 wind reading, showcased exceptional speed and determination from the athletes. Destiny Smith-Barnett of Liberia finished just outside the medals in fourth place with a time of 11.34 seconds. Tsaone Sebele of Botswana, Asimenye Simwaka of Malawi, Olayinka Olajide of Nigeria, and Halutie Hor of Ghana completed the final standings with times ranging from 11.45 to 11.73 seconds.

Gina Mariam Bass Bitaye's victory marks a significant achievement in her career, highlighting her as a standout performer in African athletics. The event drew spectators and supporters from across the continent, underscoring the vibrant and competitive nature of athletics in Africa.

The Douala 2024 African Championships continue to be a platform for athletes to showcase their talents and compete at the highest level, promising more thrilling competitions in the days ahead.

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