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Only Narrow Minded People Believes in Racism

In the Sporting World today, racism which could be described as discrimination against others race, complexion, belief or ethnicity, is growing in so many part of the world, and this is being nurtured by some set of persons that could be referred to as narrow minded people.

Here are some features of 'Narrow Minded' People;
•  Narrow Minded People believes in themselves alone and not others.
• They sees others as inferior to them.
• They believes others are not part of them.
• Sometimes they see others as animals.
• Other Person's ideas are not genuine to Narrow Minded People.
• Their Heart is not always open to accommodate others

Narrow minded people will directly or indirectly call someone an animal. Moreover, this narrow minded people are the ones throwing bananas to others on the pitch in recent time during some Football matches to show the fellow that he's an animal. Remember that everyone were created by God but were given different characters inform of complexion, language, tribe among others, but the word human being unites different men and women of different race together. Being created as black or white is for a purpose, but narrow minded people lacks this divine understanding.

In human race, people are always proud of who they are, that is why your belief or race should not be a problem to others.
This set of people could be referred to as open minded. In the photo above, the whites are celebrating a black African in Turkey.

Every narrow minded ones should be in search of open mind that is large enough to accommodate others, remember that, men, women, black, white and every other human beings were all created by God, do love your neighbour as yourself and maintain peace in different games of sport.

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