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UEFA Euro 2024 Matches Today

Today's UEFA Euro 2024 matches feature exciting fixtures in the Round of 16 that fans won't want to miss.

Romania vs. Netherlands
Kickoff: 17:00 WAT 

The first match of the day sees Romania take on the Netherlands. Both teams will be looking to secure a vital win in this group stage encounter. The Dutch side, known for their attacking prowess, will be up against a determined Romanian squad aiming to make an impact.

Austria vs. Türkiye
Kickoff: 20:00 WAT 

The second match features Austria going head-to-head with Türkiye. Scheduled for a later start, this game promises to be equally thrilling. Austria will rely on their disciplined defense, while Türkiye aims to leverage their dynamic and passionate style of play.

Make sure to tune in and catch all the action as these teams compete for a spot in the next round of the tournament.

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