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Nigerian Boxer Elizabeth Oshoba Knocks Out Argentina's Rojas in Spectacular Third-Round Victory

In a thrilling Women’s Super-Featherweight matchup held at the Brentwood Centre in the UK, Nigerian boxer Elizabeth Oshoba showcased her prowess with a stunning third-round knockout victory over Argentina’s Agustina Marisa Belen Rojas.

Oshoba, maintaining her undefeated record, now stands at 8 wins, with 5 of those victories coming by knockout. Her strategic and powerful performance in the ring highlighted her growing reputation as a formidable force in the super-featherweight category.

Oshoba captivated spectators as her precise combinations and tactical execution dominated the bout. Her relentless pursuit of victory culminated in a decisive blow during the third round, securing another impressive win in her professional career.

With this triumph, Elizabeth Oshoba continues to make waves in the international boxing scene, solidifying her position as a rising star to watch. Her dedication and skill are sure to inspire aspiring athletes and fans alike, underscoring her potential for even greater achievements in the sport.

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