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Nigeria National League (NNL) Awards for the 2023/2024 Super Eight Unveiled

The Nigerian National League (NNL) recently concluded its highly anticipated Super Eight tournament, showcasing exceptional talent and fervent competition. With the dust settled, it's time to acknowledge the standout performers who left an indelible mark on the pitch. Here's a breakdown of the prestigious awards:

1. Most Valuable Player (MVP):
Farouq Ogundare of Beyond Limits Football Academy, Ikenne-Remo, Ogun State, claimed the coveted title of MVP, showcasing unparalleled skill and leadership throughout the tournament.

2. Best Goalkeeper:
Emmanuel Olisa, also representing Beyond Limits Football Academy, exhibited remarkable prowess between the posts, earning him the title of Best Goalkeeper.

3. Highest Goal Scorer:
In a closely contested category, Yusuf Toheeb of Ikorodu City emerged victorious, despite playing fewer matches than his counterpart. His exceptional goal-scoring prowess earned him this accolade.

4. Most Disciplined Coach:
Adams Usman, the Technical Adviser of Nasarawa United, displayed exemplary discipline and sportsmanship throughout the tournament, earning him the title of Most Disciplined Coach.

5. Best Behaved Team:
Inter-Lagos FC demonstrated outstanding conduct both on and off the field, earning them the esteemed title of Best Behaved Team.

6. Best Performing Referee:
Oscar Iwuamadu, hailing from the Imo State Referees Council, showcased exceptional officiating skills, ensuring fair play and integrity in every match.

7. Best Performing Assistant Referee:
Mohammed Ibrahim Gusau from the Zamfara State Referees Council exhibited commendable performance as an Assistant Referee, contributing to the seamless flow of the game.

8. Best Performing Assistant Referee:
Ridwan Lawal, representing the Oyo State Referees Council, demonstrated remarkable proficiency in his role as an Assistant Referee, ensuring accurate decision-making on the field.

In addition to individual accolades, the tournament's overall winners, Beyond Limits Football Academy, walked away with the grand prize of Five Million Naira (N5,000,000), sponsored by DeKaizen Worldwide Ltd.

These awards not only celebrate the outstanding achievements of individual players, coaches, and teams but also highlight the collective dedication and passion that fuels the Nigerian football landscape. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their exceptional contributions to the beautiful game.


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