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Euro 2024: Today's Fixtures

As Euro 2024 continues to captivate football fans across the globe, today's matchday promises more thrilling encounters.

Here are the fixtures scheduled for today, June 17, 2024:

1. Romania vs Ukraine
   - Time: 14:00 WAT.

2. Belgium vs Slovakia
   - Time: 17:00 WAT.

3. Austria vs France
   - Time: 20:00 WAT.

Match Previews

Romania vs Ukraine
The first match of the day sees Romania take on Ukraine at 14:00. Both teams will be looking to secure vital points to advance in the tournament. Romania's defensive resilience will be tested against Ukraine's dynamic attacking lineup.

Belgium vs Slovakia
At 17:00, Belgium faces Slovakia in what promises to be an exciting encounter. Belgium, known for their star-studded squad, will aim to showcase their attacking prowess, while Slovakia will rely on their tactical discipline and counter-attacking abilities.

Austria vs France
The final match of the day at 20:00 features Austria against France. Austria's defensive resilience will be tested against France's dynamic attacking lineup. France will seek to assert their dominance with a blend of experienced stars and young talents.

As the competition heats up, today's fixtures are expected to provide high-quality football and memorable moments. Stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting day of Euro 2024 action!

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