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England Secures Crucial 1-0 Win Over Serbia in Euro 2024 Opener

England clinched a pivotal 1-0 victory against Serbia at the Arena AufSchalke, marking their second consecutive opening win at the Euros. The lone goal came in the first half, as Jude Bellingham's header found the back of the net. Gareth Southgate's squad asserted dominance early on, with Serbia struggling to regain possession. The Three Lions capitalized on their initial momentum, scoring with their first shot of the match through Bellingham.

England managed the remainder of the first half adeptly, maintaining their lead heading into halftime. However, their performance slightly dipped after the break, allowing Dragan Stojkovic’s Serbian team to regain momentum. Despite opportunities for Luka Jovic and Dusan Vlahovic to equalize for the Eagles, Jordan Pickford's goal remained unbreached. One particularly close call saw a Rajkovic save deflecting onto the crossbar from a Harry Kane header.

The victory was secured with an expected goals tally of 0.54 for England, contrasting with Serbia’s 0.17, highlighting the English team's efficiency in front of goal. This win propels England to the top of Group C, setting up an eagerly anticipated clash with Denmark on June 20. Meanwhile, Stojkovic’s side will have four days to prepare for their next challenge against Slovenia.

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