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Egypt 2024 Amputee Africa Cup of Nations: Morocco Dominates Nigeria with a 6-2 Victory

In a thrilling match, Morocco secured a decisive 6-2 victory over Nigeria in the Egypt 2024 Amputee Africa Cup of Nations. The game saw an outstanding performance from the Moroccan side, with three goals from Mohsen Shaghagh and a goal each from Elias Subai, Muhammad Aharshi, and Yasin Obahu.

Morocco's attack was relentless, taking control of the game early on and maintaining their dominance throughout. Despite Nigeria's efforts, including goals from Mohammad Garima and Michael Jewell, they were unable to match Morocco's intensity.

Meanwhile, hat-trick hero Mohsen Shaghagh led the Moroccan national football team to victory in their Africa Cup semi-final match against Nigeria. His outstanding performance earned him the title of top player of the match.

This win highlights Morocco's formidable form and sets a high standard for their upcoming fixtures. Morocco advances to the final, where they will face Ghana. Meanwhile, Nigeria will play Algeria in the third-place game.

Congratulations to the Moroccan team for their impressive performance!

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