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Leonardo Castro - Things had to come right after a horrible season

By Deon Dumisani - Kaizer Chiefs forward speaks about his team and tells us about how it was before this season. The Colombian speaks to Sky Football Magazine crew.

"We had things thrown at us by the supporters as we were leaving the pitch and I understood their frustrations."

"I was so terrified that day. I thought they would jump in and beat us because we had lost 3-0 to Chippa United and it was our home game."

"The mood changed from that moment. Steve Khompela was still in charge. Then when it coach Giovanni Solinas it became much better. We were much better looking at the fact that he was building a new team."

"With coach Ernst Middendorp I had no faith but when Shaun Bartlett was made his assistant I started believing and things were much better."

"In pre season preparations we faced teams and we lost and he would tell us that we should care about the result, we should care about the way we are playing. And that to me was so inspiring."

"Samir Nurkovic really helped me up my game. He showed me few tactics and I showed him mine so we created a deadly force in the attack."

"At first it was tough. Things had to come right after a horrible season of course."

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