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FIFA Ranking : Nigeria Down Six Places Despite Good Results In Qualifiers

The much anticipated FIFA Ranking for the month of September is out as the world soccer governing body publishes it on Thursday.

After defeating and drawing African Champions Cameroon 4-0 and 1-1 respectively, Nigeria Super Eagles drop six places from 38 to 44 on the global ladder.

The Cameroon indomitable Lions dropped ten places from 35 to 45.

The Desert Foxes of Algeria dropped fourteen places to 62nd position while the team that defeated them home and away earlier this month and Super Eagles next opponent Zambia pop-up eighteen places to the 78th position.

Other strong teams in Africa like Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali and South Africa are not in the top 50.

● Top 10 in Africa

1. Egypt(30)

2. Tunisia(31)

3. Senegal(33)

4. DR Congo(42)

5. Nigeria(44)

6. Cameroon(45)

7. Burkina Faso(49)

8. Ghana(52)

9. Cote D'Ivoire(54)

10. Morocco(56)

■Top 10 World Ranking

1. Germany

2. Brazil

3. Portugal

4. Argentina

5. Belgium

6. Poland

7. Switzerland

8. France

9. Chile

10. Colombia

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