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Opposition Watch : I dream of Russia-Coach Leekens

The Desert Foxes of Algeria New Coach George Leekens grants his first press conference this morning.Lots of questions were thrown at him especially about the players and his new environment.

Above all, he tried to charm his audience, the press first and then support them in speaking a lot about how he is settling down in his new home.

On the field he explained that almost everything is ready for AFCON, but he is currently focused on the Nigeria match. For this game he spoke about his game plan that the boys must play as a team no matter the tactical plan.

He tries not to rule out his team from qualifying for World Cup by suggesting several times that it will not be dramatic.

"I dream of Russia but this isn't an obessession" says the Belgian"I'm not a magician but I am here to work"

About the list of those called, he gave the one made up only 18 players playing abroad and to be completed by 5 players playing in the Algerian league after he would have watched them in midweek.

Concerning the composition of the team he admitted that even though he knew majority of the players by their names,he do not know them personally. He admits that he has been offered the list and he concurs.

There will be no specific explanation for the omission of Mehdi Zeffane, with the exception of the goalkeeper who is a special case.

The same about Sofiane Hanni that he knows very well because he plays in Belgium, he will simply say it is the choice of the coach even though the Anderlecht player was replaced with Adam Ounas.

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