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Opposition Watch : We are one Algeria, Stop the debate about Migrants and Locals-Bougherra

Algeria star,Madjid Bougherra has said that their Afcon Group will be very tough and he also made some comments on the upcoming worldcup Qualifier against Nigeria in an interview with Lebuteur.

Question : Madjid, the Algeria has Tunisia, Senegal and Zimbabwe in the first round of Afcon 2017,What do you feel about this group ?

Answer : It reminds me a little bit of the 2015 CAN afcon draw where we fell on a pretty difficult group, with the presence of Senegal and Ghana. So it's a very difficult group for everyone.It should be said that in a final phase of an African Cup, there are always large teams with outsiders who come to just participate.

Question : What will be your biggest danger in this group?

Answer : For me, the toughest opponent will be Tunisia, because you know that we always had difficulties with our Tunisian neighbours, this time it will still be the case when we know that this team has good players.And then, do not hide it, we always had it very difficult to beat them,Remember that the last time they met them in an Offcial match, we lost in 2013,So I think this is the match we have to win to take more confidence for the future.

Question : want to talk about the importance of winning this derby ?

Answer : I mean, it's always exciting for more because winning a derby makes one feel tremendous confidence.I also believe that the fact of having Tunisia in the group will motivate our players more in this Afcon and  are to be taken seriously,just like Zimbabwe and Senegal especially.

Question : Precisely, the Senegalese speak of a final as in 2015 and already evoke a desire for revenge...

Answer : (Laughs) This is normal, they are right, but the problem with Senegal, is that you never know when they're going to wake up because believe me, if this team gets to play on his real value, it will explode and create big problems for its opponents.Been several years that Senegal are waiting for such a generation of great players. They began well for the World Cup qualifiers and I must remind that in 2015, it was really hard. We, of course, won two goals to zero but we had suffered, will pay close attention to them.

Question : The key to success, according to you?

Answer : There is no miracle, in a final stage, the solidarity on and off the field will be the key to success. Must give their all and fight together for one goal. I would say the only problem with the national team, is itself. In any case, I am very confident for this team that has much of a future.

Question : The draw against Cameroon seems to have left to raise a doubt in this group, what is your opinion?

Answer : Yes and no! The future will tell, but given my experience, I can tell you that back to the wall, our team has always responded. Remember Afcon 2010,we had been swept by the Malawi three goals to nil, but cela not prevented us to wake up.In 2014, we lost against Belgium and we subsequently responded well. In 2015, redeems ourselves after the Ghana game and there, good lessons to learn, before the Nigeria match.

Question : After all that has happened, the departure of coach Rajevac, the result,no victory at home, a good result is possible in Nigeria?

Answer : It is true that our team lacks experience in failure. If we look at the statistics, our selection has had many positive results, she almost never loses. I have known four years of defeats and 4 years of success, and it's in defeat that I learned a lot.After that, we're not perfect, it is true that you can miss out on, but should never question our abilities,In any case, I know that the majority of Algerians know football well and support our national team, and many of them know do share things.

Question : President the IFA has shouldered his responsibilities by calling the stop of criticism of players with dual citizenship,according to you, does it affect the mind of players ?

Answer : (Laughs) Frankly, Wallahi,that makes me laugh and it makes me so sad because in France it is rejected and that in Algeria, our country, you start to denigrate us, we're going where? No, but seriously, we're going to go where? I'll give you a very simple example, and normally I shouldn't be too spread out on this because I think it's a false debate.Imagine parents who were born in Algeria with a child who is also born in Algeria, agree. This family immigrated in France to work and later, another child was born there. Can we say tomorrow that the first child is more that Algerian than the second? There can be no Algerian blood? Stop these false debates, this is crazy, we're all Algerians.Between 2004 and 2008, when we were losing, we were talking about these problems of migrant and local but as by chance, when began to get results, it wasn't more. It's amazing, right? Remember after our qualification in 2010,France was invaded by a human tide of emigrants who have marched and celebrated the victory of desert foxes, it was the case in Algeria and everywhere So stop please, we all Algerian blood, one is Algerian and it will remain so until the death. Tomorrow, if there is a concern for the country, we will all mobilize to solve it.

Question : Talking about your name, Ziani and Yahia to show the path of nationalism to youth...

Answer : (It cuts us) No, no, nobody's more Algerian than another. My education and my philosophy of life don't allow me to brag to be more nationalistic than others. I want you to quote me as an example to follow in my field, which is in the football, but to say that we're more nationalistic than this generation or that which has gone before us I'm not happy about.You know, when I hear some say that I gave this or this for the Algeria, I revolted, because in reality, it is our country which has given us the chance to wear the colours of our nation and to honour the flag.

Question : One last tip to players who are ready to play big match in Nigeria, on November 12?

Answer : I think that there was a rumor that has been circulating, or else a misunderstanding that has occurred, but we have to close ranks and concentrate on the next game. The older generation made us vibrate, in 2010 we did vibrate Algerians, in 2014, it's the same, so stop. We're all equal between Algerians, there is no need to worry.

Photo Credit : Express.co.uk

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