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Tobi Amusan Clinches Fourth Nigerian Women's 100mH Title

Tobi Amusan of Nigeria has once again stamped her authority on the national stage, securing her fourth consecutive Nigerian women's 100m hurdles title. In a display of sheer athleticism and determination, Amusan crossed the finish line in 12.78 seconds (0.0 wind), outpacing her competitors with impressive ease.

The race, held at the Nigerian Olympic Trials in Benin City, saw Amusan demonstrate her prowess from start to finish, leaving Adaobi Tabugbo trailing behind with a time of 13.33 seconds. Amusan's victory not only underscores her exceptional skill in the hurdles but also solidifies her status as a dominant force in Nigerian athletics.

Her achievement marks a significant milestone in her career, further highlighting her potential on the international stage. As she continues to excel, Amusan remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes across Nigeria and beyond.

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