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Super 8 Competition Enugu 2024: Matchday 1 Results and Standings

The 2023/2024 Nigeria National League (NNL) Super 8 Competition has kicked off in Enugu with an exciting start. The tournament, known as Nigeria's most important league, features top teams from the Northern and Southern conferences vying for promotion and glory.

The opening matches of the Super 8 Competition have set the stage for an intense and competitive tournament. In the Southern Conference, Beyond Limits FA secured a crucial victory over Madiba FC, while Ikorodu City FC and Int'l Lagos FC shared the spoils in a 1-1 draw. Over in the Northern Conference, Nasarawa Utd FC and Sporting Supreme FC both claimed narrow 1-0 wins against Elkanemi Warriors FC and Sokoto Utd FC respectively.

Here are the results and current standings after Matchday 1.

Matchday 1 Results

Southern Conference:

- Beyond Limits FA 2-1 Madiba FC

- Ikorodu City FC 1-1 Int'l Lagos FC

Northern Conference:

- Elkanemi Warriors FC 0-1 Nasarawa Utd FC

- Sporting Supreme FC 1-0 Sokoto Utd FC


With these initial results, Beyond Limits FA and Nasarawa Utd FC lead their respective conferences. As the competition progresses, teams will continue to battle for top positions and the chance to advance to the final stages of the tournament.

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