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NPFL: Sporting Lagos Condemns Threats Against Media, Apologizes to Brila FM

Sporting Lagos Football Club has issued a public apology following an incident involving a fan who threatened reporters from Brila FM during a recent game. 

Here is the video:

The club released an official statement condemning the actions of the individual and reaffirming their commitment to a safe and secure environment for all media personnel.

In the statement, Sporting Lagos distanced themselves from the threatening behavior captured in the circulating video. "We are aware of the video circulating of an attendee at a Sporting Lagos game threatening reporters from Brila FM. Sporting Lagos Football Club is strongly against any form of violence against the media, and we distance ourselves from the individual in the video. Her opinions do not represent the Club or that of our fan club, the Happy Corner."

The club emphasized their stance on maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for journalists and media outlets covering their games. "We apologize to Brila FM for any distress this video may have caused. We want to reiterate that Sporting Lagos games are open to all media for safe and secure coverage, and this will continue to be the case."

This statement from Sporting Lagos underscores the club's dedication to ensuring the safety and respect of media professionals and their commitment to addressing any incidents that may jeopardize this environment. The apology aims to reassure media outlets and the broader public that such behavior is not tolerated and that the club values the role of the press in covering sporting events.

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