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Ghana to Host 2026 African Athletics Senior Championships

In a landmark decision by the Council of the Confederation of African Athletics (CAA), Ghana has been chosen as the host nation for the prestigious 2026 African Athletics Senior Championships. The announcement, which came after a decisive vote, saw Ghana secure an overwhelming victory with 12 votes against Botswana's 3 votes.

The decision underscores Ghana's growing stature in the realm of athletics and its commitment to fostering sporting excellence across the continent. The upcoming championships are expected to attract top athletes from all corners of Africa, showcasing their skills and competing for coveted titles in various track and field events.

This decision marks a significant milestone for Ghanaian sports, as it prepares to welcome athletes, officials, and spectators from across Africa to celebrate the spirit of athleticism and unity. It also presents an opportunity for Ghana to showcase its rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality on the continental stage.

As Ghana gears up to host the 2026 African Athletics Senior Championships, anticipation is building among athletes and fans alike, eager to witness unforgettable moments of triumph and competition in the heart of West Africa.

For further updates and information regarding the championships, stay tuned to official announcements from the Confederation of African Athletics and local organizing committees.

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