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Uganda Secures Victory Over Zambia in U17 FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifier

In a thrilling encounter, Uganda emerged victorious against Zambia with a narrow 1-0 win, with Sylvia Kabene's goal in the 73rd minute proving to be the decisive moment. The match, played with intensity and determination, showcased the talent and skill of both teams.

With this victory, the Copper Princesses advance to the fourth and final round of the U17 FIFA Women's World Cup qualifiers, securing their place via a 2-1 aggregate score. Their resilience and teamwork throughout the qualifiers have earned them a well-deserved spot in the upcoming round.

Looking ahead, the Copper Princesses will await the outcome of the match between Morocco and Algeria to determine their opponents in the final round. As they prepare for this crucial stage, they will undoubtedly carry the momentum from their recent triumph, aiming to continue their journey towards the prestigious U17 FIFA Women's World Cup.

This victory not only signifies the talent and potential of the Ugandan team but also highlights their determination to succeed on the international stage. Congratulations to Uganda on their impressive performance, and best wishes for the challenges that lie ahead.

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