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Udodi Onwuzurike Registers Season's Best in Men's 100m at Adidas Atlanta City Games

Nigerian sprinter Udodi Onwuzurike made a remarkable start to his 100m campaign at the Adidas Atlanta City Games, clocking a Season's Best time of 10.12 seconds with a wind reading of -0.4. Despite it being his first 100m race of the year, Onwuzurike showcased his speed and potential, finishing in a commendable 4th place.

The men's 100m final was fiercely competitive, with South African sprinter Akani Simbine claiming victory in a blistering World Lead time of 9.90 seconds. Following closely behind was Ferdinand Omanyala of Kenya, securing second place with a swift time of 10.00 seconds.

Onwuzurike's Season's Best performance serves as a promising start to his season, hinting at even greater accomplishments to come. As he continues to fine-tune his skills and build momentum, Onwuzurike remains a formidable contender in the world of sprinting, representing Nigeria with pride on the international stage.

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