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Excitement Builds as Nigeria National League NNL Super 8 Playoff Fixtures Unveiled

The anticipation is palpable as the Nigeria National League (NNL) reveals the highly awaited fixtures for the NNL Super 8 Playoffs. With teams from both the Northern and Southern Conferences set to battle it out for supremacy, football enthusiasts are gearing up for an electrifying display of talent and determination.

NNL Northern Conference:

Day One - 8th June:

The action kicks off with an early morning clash between ElKanemi Warriors and Nasarawa United at 8 am, followed by Sporting Supreme taking on Sokoto United at 11 am.

Day Two - 9th June:

Nasarawa United faces Sokoto United at 2 pm, while ElKanemi Warriors square off against Sporting Supreme at 5 pm, promising a day filled with intense matchups.

Day Four - 11th June:

Sporting Supreme goes head-to-head with Nasarawa United at 10 am, while Sokoto United battles ElKanemi Warriors at 4 pm, concluding the Northern Conference fixtures in grand style.

NNL Southern Conference:

Day One - 8th June:

Beyond Limits clashes with Madiba FC in an afternoon showdown at 2 pm, followed by Ikorodu City locking horns with Inter Lagos at 5 pm.

Day Two - 9th June:

Madiba FC goes up against Inter Lagos bright and early at 8 am, while Beyond Limits takes on Ikorodu City at 11 am, promising a day filled with thrilling encounters.

Day Four - 11th June:

Ikorodu City and Madiba FC kick off proceedings at 10 am, followed by Inter Lagos facing Beyond Limits at 4 pm, ensuring a fitting conclusion to the Southern Conference fixtures.

With the stage set and the teams ready to showcase their skills, fans can expect nothing short of exhilarating football action as the NNL Super 8 Playoffs unfold. Stay tuned for updates and highlights as the journey to NNL glory unfolds.

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