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Seven Funny Names given to Footballers by Nigerians, that of Djibril Cisse is the Funniest

By Oladele Emmanuel - Nigerians Football fans are always quick in giving footballers names based on some certain occurrences and others, below are some funny names Nigerians have given to Footballers, they are;

• Jérémie Aliadiére - Aladiye (Aladiye means someone that sells fowls, it happen as a result of his name resemblance 'Aliadiére' in Nigeria-Yourba Language).

• Ronaldinho - Eyin (Eyin means teeth, this is based on the fact that Ronaldinho always shows his teeth while laughing).
• Djibril Cisse - Babalawo (Babalawo means an Herbalist, this is as a result of his coloured hairstyle and beards).

• Mikel Obi - Omo Jos and 16 million pounds (Omo Jos means someone who is from Jos, the capital of Plateau State in Nigeria. Moreover, the £16m was actually pointing to the fee he was signed by Chelsea, Mikel struggled in his first few years at Chelsea, sometimes, you hear some fans in Nigeria chanting "16 million pounds wasted.")

• Peter Crouch - Akaba (Akaba means ladder, this is because of the tallness of Peter Crouch and his ability to deal with Aerial ball).

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• Cesc Fabregas - Fabrepass (this means a Fabregas that can give accurate pass).
• Fernando Torres - 50 million pounds (Torres also struggled at some point at Chelsea before gaining balance, Nigeria football fans most times make jest of the fee Chelsea signed him).

If you know more, you can add for fun....

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  1. Ronaldo is called ororo which means groundnut oil in Yoruba language due to his coily hair he kept back then in Manchester United it's as if he rubbed groundnut oil on his hair to give such shinness

  2. Lukaku...called lukuluku in yoruba language...cos of his name spelling 😂