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It was a nightmare - Loris Karius

By Karabo Molefe - Former Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius opens up to Joe Precursor and speaks about the emotions of the UEFA Champions League disappointment.

"I still can't believe it, it was a nightmare, I saw disappointment in those Liverpool fans and some were swearing at me. It was my fault, I made those errors."

"As soon as that whistle was blown, I looked at my coach, team mates and everyone who supported Liverpool, they were so devastated and it was all my fault."

"I decided to leave Liverpool after that because I was hated, I was the worst thing that has ever happened to them. Even where I am I made similar errors but I dusted myself and rose from sorrow."

"I attended the UEFA Champions League final last year and I made sure that I wasn't spotted by people and I was excited, I was relieved, the stress I had on my shoulders went off. Liverpool won the Champions League for the sixth time."

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