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Coronavirus: Predicted Happenings after Leagues Resumption

With the widespread of Coronavirus, some unpleasant and funny things could happened when the Leagues resumes, most especially in top leagues in Europe.
UEFA Champions League

1. Due to Coronavirus a major revolution may happened to the quarter-finals and semi-finals as games may be played over one leg.

2. The one leg tie could even be on a neutral ground.

The English Premier League

1. Clubs will be having serious issues with players match fitness and may be unwilling to play when the league resumes as players in most cases are not currently training due to the widespread of the Coronavirus.

2. With the suspension of Leagues due to Coronavirus outbreak, some players such as Willian, Adam Lallana and others may have their contracts expired before the close of the season as the league period will be extended beyond the planned end of season due to the current suspension, such players may not be eligible to play for their clubs in some remaining games of the season.

3. If the League could not continue, the current league leaders may be crowned champions, which many other teams will not be happy about and the three bottom teams may also go to relegation, really unpleasant.

4. Some Fans may be unwilling to go to the stadium due to fear and panic.
• All Other Leagues

1. Some Football Leagues may never recover their loss at this period even at insurance company compensating them.

2. There may be discrimination for players tested positive for COVID-19.

We hope that the current situation of things is put under control, if not, the world football is in big trouble, but things should get better with time.

By Oladele Emmanuel Abiodun

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