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The mystery behind the injury to Manchester United star Marcus Rashford revealed

As Manchester United struggled to successfully progress to the round four of the FA Cup on Wednesday with a 1-0 win against Wolves, it wasn’t all good news for the Red Devils.
Without a doubt, their star player of this season Marcus Rashford sustained an injury which will be a major concern for all connected with the club. The England international did not start the game, but he was brought on by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer just after the hour mark to try and influence the match from the attacking perspective.
However, he featured and lasted for just 16 minutes on the pitch before being forced off with a back injury, which appeared to be as a consequence of a collision with Matt Doherty of Wolverhampton Wanderers in a previous week encounter.

Solskjaer admitted after the game that his decision to play Rashford had backfired but it appears that there is actually more to the injury than meets the eye.
Back in August the forward admitted that when he was younger he used to have back problems quite often and that he had to carry a bone-healing ultrasound machine which he still uses and it has now been revealed.

Samuel Luckhurst who is Manchester Evening News Correspondent tweeted that Rashford has been using that very machine recently and even had it with him before the match against Wolves, indicating that there was a problem before the game and before his collision with Doherty.

Rashford's been using a bone healing device recently and had it with him again when the squad gathered pre-match. Clearly carrying an injury of some kind, regardless of the circumstances of that knock

After discovering this information, plenty of Man Utd fans have been raging on social media with most questioning why Solskjaer brought him on if he was already carrying an injury.

By Olamide Oyetunji

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