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Stipulations that will reduce Violence against away Teams and Match Officials In Nigeria

League Management Company are doing all within their power to stop the culture of violence against away teams and Match Officials in our domestic football with Suspensions, Fines, Bans and Sanctions.
But are those things changing the mentality of the fans?

The problem cut across all leagues in Nigeria from NPFL to NWFL to NNL but there's need for stiff measures to ensure safety.
1. Banning the team from playing home games on home ground for the minimum of seven matches.

2. Deduct 10-points from the overall tally. With this, a 10th placed team can join the relegation race free of charge. And if the point-hull isn't 10,there should be indication of Subtraction(-) attached to the deficit on the league table.

3. The guilty teams should play next 10 home matches in front of their real rivals. e.g If shooting stars are found guilty, take them to Akure, if Enyimba fans beat officials, take them to Kano, if Kano Pillars misbehave, take them to Enugu e.t.c.

4. If the clubs are able to provide the main culprits, the penalty should be lessened but the team in collaboration with security personnels must parade the offenders at half-time inside the stadium in one of the home games with handcuffs to serve as big warning to others.

Football just like other sports outline fair play as the major goal and every individual involved is a winner!

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