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De Fans: Rashford Resembles an Igbo Boy-Modupé Ijeoma Omomunmi

The world is spinning around like a ball and the uniqueness of the round leather game(soccer) cut across everything in life.
Just over a week ago, it was discovered that Kylian Mbappe has a Nigerian/Cameroonian root. "I have started liking Man U after yesterday' match. They now have players of my colour. Hey, Mou is an obstacle Who else thinks Rashford looks like an Igbo guy? check his head out, yeah, the back especially."

Modupé Ijeoma Omomunmi posted on Facebook. Recall that Everton's Ross Barkley is also a Nigerian through his grandparents.

Modupe who's known as an Arsenal Supporter as now put people into confusion whether she has switched allegiance with her jokes! "Husband should better like Arsenal now o , except he wants to be eating burnt food. Because I can't be cooking while match is going on."

"Arsenal just signed Neymar Junior. On behalf of Arsenal and fans, I welcome Neymar to Emirates Stadium. Five years no be joke." De Fans is about the comic feelings of the fans about the crazy world of soccer.

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