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Fatai Osho : No Lele Even As We Collect From MFM

Remo Stars Coachi Lala Fatai Osho don talk say no shaking even though him team chop one kondo from MFM for Lagos on Sunday.
MFM fire Remo Stars when Stephen Odey score him goal number seven of the season but the Coach don talk say the result no show the sugar of the match.

"Nothing spectacular went wrong in today's game, we came with a lot of expectations and we could have gotten something better."

"MFM FC has won, we have to give it to them because they did their best to win but I must be honest with you, the result wasn't actually a reflection of what happened on the field of play and a draw could have been a better result."

"We are a team in transit, we can't shy away from that but I can assure you that as we go on, we will definitely get better."

Remo stars dey bombom of the table wey come make the fans dey fear small small.

Photo Credit : Remo Stars FC

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