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I don Sell Yam,Ride Okada Before-Amos Gyang Testimony

Kano Phillars Winger Amos Gyang don talk say him come Kano withu mission to carry not plastic but the Naija professional league title and he believe say the experience of Kadiri Ikhana go ginger hin target base on say dem don work for Giwa FC together before.
“I have worked with him before at Giwa FC and I enjoyed every bit of it despite his stay being short. He loves hard working players and I’m also a hard worker,”Gyang yarn
“If a coach and his players are hard-working it means achieving their goals will be easier. Coach Ikhana has won trophies before, he has that experience and I’m sure that experience will help the players at Kano Pillars.”
Amos Gyang dey among player wey comot for Giwa FC last season base on say the club no follow rules and regulation wey dey guide the Naija league.
“I really want to succeed with Pillars. It’s been my main aim since the first day I came here to Kano. It even got better after I was well received by the fans and management of the team,” Gyang said.
“It’s true I had a couple of offers last season but I chose Pillars because I believe I will win trophies with this wonderful team.

“The people of Kano have shown me love and they value my little contribution to the team so I feel at home here.
"It’s been a tough road for me in my football career and I believe it’s time to start winning laurels.”
The sabi player come tell hin tory wey go make person comot water for eye.
He talk say life no dey easy for am base on say he hustle with him mama to sell yam for market in Jos.
“It was a difficult road. The journey wasn’t smooth but it made me understand that hard work pays. I had to do all sorts of menial jobs to help the family out,"
“I sold yams and even became an Okada rider (local motorcyclist) just to make ends meet. My mum was my pillar of support. She tried her best to make sure I had what I wanted but it wasn’t easy.
“I thank God for what I have achieved so far but my dreams are just starting. I want to win trophies and I believe I will with Kano Pillars.”he talk am for Oyinbo.

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