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Opposition Watch : The behavior of the agent of Wilmots angered Raouraoua

As might be expected, Marc Wilmots will not be the Algeria national team coach, instead of the Serbian Milovan Rajevac. It was yesterday that things are formalized. The president of the FAF, Mohamed Raouraoua, hoped to engage the former Red Devils coach until the CAN-2019 in Cameroon.
Ultimately the talks failed. Initially, it was planned that Wilmots will give his answer on Sunday,but this was postponed until yesterday. It was also the last day of the deadline set by the president of the FAF, otherwise, he would opt to plan B. Finally, it's what has happened since Marc Wilmots gave its response to Raouraoua, yesterday afternoon.
This is why he said no to the FAF,For him to be the third Belgian to coach the desert foxes after Georges Leekens and Robert Waseige. According to a credible source, the refusal of Marc Wilmots is related to the financial side.

From the outset, Marc Wilmots wanted to compete in the Bundesliga, especially since there are offers from Germany where clubs like Wolfsburg and Hamburg still want him.But after a discussion with the president the FAF on the phone.Wilmots changed his mind, to the Algerian proposal. Feeling in a position of strength, knowing that Raouraoua was very warm to the idea to have him,he wanted to strike a blow on the financial plan. Finally, he reported yesterday to the president of the FAF, Mohamed Raouraoua.
"I'm sorry president, I prefer to try an experiment in a club instead of a national team."Good luck!

It was at the level of finacial nrgotiation that the discussion between Mohamed Raouraoua and Marc Wilmots came to an end.The Coach had demanded, initially, a salary of 100,000 euros. A very high number that the FAF doesn't want to pay for a breeder, then Milovan Rajevac was receiving 40,000 euros per month.Later, Marc Wilmots, through his agent, has revised downward his financial proposal. Only, you should know that the president Mohamed Raouraoua refused the financial requirements of Wilmots.this prompted the Belgian to refuse to turn to succeed Milovan Rajevac, who resigned from his post in the aftermath of the match against the indomitable lions.

According to a well-informed source, the president of the FAF, Mohamed Raouraoua, displayed his anger against the agent of Marc Wilmots, two days ago, when the agent gave misinformation to the Algerian press, in order to put pressure on Raouraoua. According to the same source,This is what pushed the president to not review the proposal made to Wilmots feeling that his agent was trying to put pressure on him. Raouraoua has not admitted this behaviour since information was spread on Sunday, referring to an agreement between the president of the FAF and Marc Wilmots, which was completely false.

Just after having declined the proposal to coach Algeria,Marc Wilmots expressed through the media. So he chose the RTBF channel to discuss his talks with Mohamed Raouraoua. Finally,Marc Wilmots was very short in his statement, announcing that he will coach a national team in two or three years.This confirms his desire to want to work in a club. He said "I wiill take a national selection in two or three years."

Marc Wilmots has taken to whitewash his image, angered by the comments of journalists who reported that he favoured the financial component to the sporty look. Marc Wilmots held to specific."I have seen enough as a man to only think about money." According to Belgian media, the destination of Marc Wilmots will be known soon. He could opt for Wolfsburg in the coming days.

Photo Credit : dzfoot

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