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NFF Denies Reports of Victor Osimhen Ban: Calls Claims "Outright Falsehood"

In a swift and decisive response, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has vehemently denied recent reports suggesting a ban on Victor Osimhen from the Super Eagles, labeling them as "outright falsehood." The controversy erupted following alleged social media outbursts by the talented forward, which purportedly led to disciplinary actions from the football-governing body.

Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, the General Secretary of the NFF, expressed astonishment at the misinformation circulating in online publications. He clarified that neither has the NFF initiated any ban nor has any disciplinary process been concluded against Victor Osimhen.

“The NFF hereby implores the media to join hands with the body to positively resolve issues and then focus on the big picture all the time, rather than needlessly escalate certain matters. There was no official communication from the NFF, yet some persons have gone to town to talk about a ban on Osimhen from the National Team. This is not good at all," Dr. Sanusi emphasized.

He further stressed the federation's current priorities, stating, “Our focus presently is to resolve all matters around the Super Eagles and be able to look ahead with confidence to the 2025 AFCON qualifiers and the remaining six matches of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification series."

Dr. Sanusi also underscored the importance of maintaining accuracy in reporting, urging against the spread of misinformation that could disrupt public perception and sow unnecessary discord.

The NFF’s swift rebuttal aims to quell any speculation and reaffirm its commitment to handling internal matters with professionalism and transparency. As the football community awaits further developments, the focus remains on fostering a conducive environment for the national team's future endeavors.

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges posed by misinformation in sports journalism and the critical role of accurate reporting in maintaining trust and integrity within the football community.

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