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Dortmund Manager Edin Terzić Optimistic Ahead of Real Madrid Clash

In an interview ahead of the crucial encounter against Real Madrid, Dortmund manager Edin Terzić exuded confidence, asserting his team's readiness to compete at the highest level. Despite acknowledging the formidable challenge posed by Real Madrid as they clash later tonight in the UEFA Champions League Final, Terzić remained undeterred, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of football, particularly in a single-game scenario.

"We are ready to compete at the highest level," Terzić declared. "Maybe if we play 10 times against Real Madrid it's going to be difficult. 34 times, impossible. But if you break it down to one game, in a final, then anything is possible."

Reflecting on Dortmund's journey to the final, Terzić highlighted the team's extensive preparation throughout the season, culminating in 60 games played. He emphasized the underdog mentality that has propelled Dortmund past formidable opponents in previous rounds, such as Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain.

"We've had 60 games all season to prepare ourselves for this game. It's clear they are favourites, but we don't care. We weren't the favourites against Atletico or Paris," Terzić remarked.

Terzić urged his team to approach the final with bravery and determination, emphasizing their role as more than mere spectators. "If we are brave, and ready to show we are not just here to see Real Madrid lift their next trophy, if we're here to give them a game, then we have a chance," he stated.

With Terzić's unwavering belief and the team's commitment to defying the odds, Dortmund enters the final clash with Real Madrid as a formidable contender in the UEFA Champions League Final later tonight at Wembley, poised to seize the opportunity and etch their name in football history.

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