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Beyond Limits FA Receives Generous Donation Following NNL Championship Win

In the wake of their stellar performance in the Nigeria National League (NNL) season, Beyond Limits Football Academy has been showered with commendations and rewards. The academy recently emerged as NNL champions, earning a coveted promotion to the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL). In recognition of this remarkable achievement, Hon. Kunle Soname, the founder of Beyond Limits FA, has made a substantial donation to various departments within the academy.

Hon. Soname, known for his passion and support for youth football development in Nigeria, has generously donated a total of N19 million to the academy. The donation is allocated as follows:

- N10 million to the academy boys: This substantial sum is intended to reward the young athletes for their dedication, hard work, and exceptional performance throughout the season.

- N5 million to the coaching crew: Recognizing the pivotal role played by the coaching staff in guiding the team to victory, this donation acknowledges their expertise, leadership, and commitment.

- N2.5 million to the management of the academy: The management team, responsible for the strategic and operational aspects of the academy, will receive this allocation as a token of appreciation for their effective administration and support.

- N1.5 million to the media department: Understanding the importance of media and communication in promoting the academy's success and visibility, this donation aims to bolster the efforts of the media department in highlighting the achievements of Beyond Limits FA.

The academy's promotion to the NPFL marks a significant milestone in its history and sets the stage for further achievements in Nigerian football. The financial boost from Hon. Soname is expected to enhance the academy's capabilities, providing better facilities, training, and resources for the players and staff.

As Beyond Limits FA prepares for its debut in the NPFL, the academy and its supporters remain optimistic about the future. With enhanced resources and continued dedication, the academy aims to make a lasting impact in the top tier of Nigerian football.

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