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A Beacon of Integrity: Fan Returns Lost Camera After Derby Game

In the midst of the highly charged Oriental Derby game between Enugu Rangers and Enyimba, one Rangers International fan stood out for his exemplary integrity. Ifesinachi, a devoted supporter, demonstrated remarkable honesty by promptly returning a lost camera to the club, shining a light on the strength of our fanbase.

The fervent atmosphere of the derby contributed to some confusion, leading to the misplacement of a photojournalist's camera. However, Ifesinachi's keen eye and integrity prevailed as he discovered the camera and took immediate action, contacting the club to ensure its safe return.

Club management, under the leadership of Amobi Ezeaku (Esq), expressed profound appreciation for Ifesinachi's honorable deed. "In moments of uncertainty, actions like Ifesinachi's restore our faith in humanity," remarked the Club President and General Manager.

In recognition of his integrity, the club extended a heartfelt gesture of gratitude to Ifesinachi, presenting him with a home jersey and other merchandise as tokens of appreciation for his outstanding conduct.

"Thank you, Ifesinachi, for exemplifying the true spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie," concluded Club President and General Manager Amobi Ezeaku.

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