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Stunning Photos of Cristiano Ronaldo's £28m Retirement Mansion with Giant Glass Swimming Pool & Underwater Walkway

By Emmanuel Oladele - Former Manchester United Star Cristiano Ronaldo is set to build and complete a £28m Luxury Mansion where he will relax with his partner Georgian Rodriguez after his retirement.

The mansion is expected to have some outstanding features such as a glass swimming pool, an underwater walkway and many others.

The luxury mansion will be built in Quinta da Marinha near the coastal resort of Cascais on the Portuguese Riviera.

See photos of the proposed Luxury Retirement Mansion below;

Cristiano Ronaldo's Luxury Retirement Mansion

Recall, the 37-year-old dream of lifting the world cup trophy was ended by Morocco in the Quarter-final of Qatar 2022 in a game where Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal lost by 1-0. Ronaldo can now relaxed with his partner Georgian in his Luxury mansion where he finally retires from Football.

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