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2022 WAFCON: Group A Standings after their Final Group Games

By Emmanuel Oladele - The two final group games for group A in the ongoing Morocco 2022 Women Africa Cup of Nations were played simultaneously on Friday. In one of the games, Morocco defeated Senegal by lone goal, while the other has Burkina Faso and Uganda played a 2-2 draw.

After the final Group A games, Morocco top the group with 9 points, Senegal finished as runner-up with 6 points, while Burkina Faso and Uganda ended their group Campaigns in third and fourth respectively, though they shared the same number of point, but Burkina Faso were better on goal difference. See Group A Standings below after all Group A games;


As it things stand in Group A, Burkina Faso and Uganda are out of the Tournament, while Morocco and Senegal advance to the Quarter final.

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