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Igbo Wrestler Set to Become World Tag Team Champion Without a Partner

By Olamide Oyetunji - Wrestler of Nigerian descent EJ 'The Judge' Nduka is determined to write his name in gold as a Major League Wrestling World Tag Team champion. Ezekwesiri "EJ" Nduka Jr will be in action on Saturday, February 26 at MLW SuperFight to be hosted by the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping. The 33-year-old former WWE wrestler will have his first golden opportunity under the Major League Wrestling roaster when he square off against the champions 5150 but will have to provide a mystery partner.
Fresh off of defeating Los Parks in a contractually obligated rematch, 5150 demanded a match at SuperFight in Charlotte. Going as far as to sign an open contract bout sheet, 5150 fears no one and vows they’re bulletproof against any challenge to their belts.

Wasting no time, EJ “The Judge” Nduka took them up on the task, signing the dotted line… but leaving his partner’s name undisclosed. ''You all know how much I want that Gold around my waist... and who said I even needed a partner?!''
EJ Nduka bragged via his personal Facebook account and he didn't hide his feelings as quoted by the MLW website. Confident in converting the opportunity in his first championship, EJ promises fans will see his dominant power offense on full display as he looks to remain undefeated at SuperFight.

When pressed for who is partner will be for the title bout, EJ told, “Who says I even have a partner? This is the year of the Judge. It’s undeniable

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