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See All 23 Countries already in 2022 AFCON

By Emmanuel Oladele - After games in the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier, 23 team have qualified for the 2022 edition of the AFCON tournament in Cameroon. See the list of 23 already qualified team below;


• Guinea

• Mali

• Malawi

• Burkina Faso

• Sudan

• Ghana

• Gambia

• Gabon

• Mauritania

• Morocco

• Cape Verde

• Cameroon

• Egypt

• Comoros

• Algeria

• Zimbabwe

• Senegal

• Guinea Bissau

• Tunisia

• Equatorial Guinea

• Cote D'Ivoire

• Ethiopia

• Nigeria

A team between Benin and Sierra Leone will join to complete the final 24. The last game in group L between Sierra Leone and Benin that failed to hold due to coronavirus antics being used by Sierra Leone to disqualify five Benin first team players, the match will now hold in the next FIFA break, which will decide who go through between both teams.

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