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Nigerian Wrestler Display Daughter Holding WWE Heavyweight Belt

By Olamide Oyetunji - World Wrestling Entertainment Nigerian employee Apollo Crews has taken to social media platform Twitter to display his family with some accolades.

Apollo Crews who will be challenging for the WWE Intercontinental championship on SmackDown tonight has taken off time his busy schedule to celebrate his family.

The 33-year-old posted a picture of his daughter and brother with some World Wrestling Entertainment heavyweight belts around their arms.

Apollo Crews' brother Tersoo Uhaa who is American Football Coach and currently working as Assistant Strength Coach at the University of Georgia had the vintage World Heavyweight Title and the United States championship on his shoulders while Sade Uhaa, the daughter of Apollo Crews struck her pose with the old United States belt.

"Sade found her new tag team partner."

It must be said that Sesugh Uhaa is the last person to touch the old United States belt during his reign in mid-2020 while he is officially the first to hold the current design before losing it to Bobby Lashley.

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