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GbasGbos As Journalist Was Slapped During Football Match in Ibadan

About yesterday's drama in Ibadan,Oyo State.

@ShootingSc 1 vs 1 @inufeleboys

Some sort of controversy.. VIA's Akinola Sesan through on goal but seems like a handball from the 3SC defender inside the box but the Center Referee says outside the box much to the displeasure of VIA. Outrage but calm. Freekick!

Why Adebayo was red carded is yet to be known but earlier he was cautioned by the Referee after matching on the ankle of a VIA's player.On the long run, 


 General Manager Rasheed Balogun stormed the pitch and ordered his boys to leave the pitch. Gross indiscipline displayed by a leader!

In the end, the Referee and his officials left the pitch when the Shooting Stars crew couldn't control their rage. 

Meanwhile Shooting Stars camp commandant Awolu, slapped a Sports Journalists while recording the incident.Terrible!The officials ain't back on the pitch yet, the @ShootingSc

Players after staying for long have walked off the pitch. 

@inufeleboys having a team talk on the pitch.

This has been dramatic!

Decisions are set to be made soon. Match disrupt and at a stop at the moment.

3SC's Adebayo was red carded by the Referee but the Oluyole Warriors ain't having any of it. It led to the coaching crew complaining on why Adebayo was red carded.

Dubbed From Firstman Olanibi via Facebook.

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