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This is why we are Africans, Rahimo FC and Enyimba left the Stadium in same Bus even after a painful defeat for the Burkina Faso side

By Emmanuel Oladele - It will surprise many that Rahimo FC of Burkina Faso and Enyimba FC of Nigeria left the stadium on Sunday in the same bus, even after been defeated 1-0 at home by the Nigerian team in the CAF Champions League, this is one one the reason why we are brothers and Africans.

This is a superb idea from Rahimo FC team, and a true Spirit of Sportsmanship, they can also be seen interacting together inside the bus. Other Africans should also be seen showing love and care for others.

It could be painful that a team came to beat one in his home ground, but that is not the end, another day may be your own day to equally defeat them.

As Africans, always remember we are one, even the Whites, we are also one people created by God, show love and preach love.

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