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The Cry of Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Former World Footballer of the Year and World Cup Winner, Ronaldinho, was jailed in Paraguay after found guilty of entering the Country with fake Passport.
Since retiring from Football the Brazilian has been struggling and life has not been treating him good, at a point, he was broke and was soliciting for help.

Since landing in Prison days ago, no group have have in anyway consider helping him or seeking how he will be out of prison. He has spent days in prison without any hope of Freedom, report emanating from the prison on Tuesday says the skillful footballer is adapting to life in the prison.

Without doubt, entering into a country with a fake passport is a crime, but no one know why a man of his kind would have done that. gathered that the passport was presented to him and his brother as a gift.
I think the former Football needs help at this time, before now, he has been struggling and I guess he may be frustrated with life.

All Football stakeholders comprising of top football officials, Media and other Sport Groups should solicit and ensure that helpless Ronaldinho gets help.

By Oladele Emmanuel

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