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Great Decision from Cristiano Ronaldo and Teammates

Amid Coronavirus crisis, Cristiano Ronaldo and Teammates have accepted to take huge pay cuts to help Juventus ease pandemic pressure.
Juventus Players and team manager Maurizio Sarri are ready to take pay cuts that will help to save at least €90m for Juventus in this trying time. This will be done for four months to help Juventus manage the current COVID-19 crisis.

This is expected to take away one-third of players' annual salaries, which will be a huge pay cut for the players, especially for Cristiano Ronaldo who is the best paid player in the world, as he currently earn €31m as annual salary.
Many club players have agreed to take pay cuts in Europe following the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) leading to the suspension of leagues and other sporting activities.

Morover, Italy have been hit badly with the virus, as they currently lead the death rate chart for the virus that is killing both small and old.

By Oladele Emmanuel Abiodun

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