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Arsene Wenger to hold talks with Bayern Munich next week

Former Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger, will hold talks with Bayern Munich next week ahead of a possible appointment as the team manager.

Wenger revealed that he had a telephone conversation with the Chairman of the club Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, and he asked if he would be interested in the club vacant managerial position, but Wenger confirmed to Rummenigge that he will think about it.
According to Wenger, "on Wednesday Rummenigge called me, I could not answer at that moment, by politeness, I called him back. He was in his car going to the game against Olympiacos.

"We talked for four to five minutes maximum, and he told me they had assigned Flick to be the coach, he will manage the two next games because they will play Dortmund tomorrow.

"He asked me if I would be interested because they are looking for a coach. I told him 'I haven't thought about it, I need some time to have a think about it'.

"We decided together we will talk next week because I am in Doha until Sunday night. This is the true story.

"I wish well to Bayern who are actually at a turning point, because Hoeness, key man of the club is leaving, Rummenigge will leave in one year, it seems the future is uncertain, and this club which always managed stuff by being very discreet and direct, is today very exposed with rumours coming from everywhere.
"For myself, I wish good luck to Bayern and for me the situation is clear."

Wenger may be named as the head coach of Bayern Munich any moment from next week, depending on the outcome of his discussion with the club.

By Oladele Emmanuel Abiodun

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