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Shout Alleluia Saints, Eze the MESSI-AH is our new JayJay

He is a faster version of former Nigerian international Austin JayJay Okocha. He dribbles with the ball to his feet just like JayJay, He sends those long range passes like JayJay and plays with a smile on his face at all time.
He is from the Eastern part of Nigeria, he is a genius with the ball on his feet and covers lots of grounds in seconds. He scores wonderful freekicks, he shoots from range and he is a team player.
Let me end your curiousity and assuage your thirst.  His name is Eberechi Eze, he plays for Queens Park Rangers in the English first division, he wears jersey number 10 at QPR just like JayJay did at Bolton and he is just 21 looking forward to representing Nigeria someday.
He was once invited to the Super Eagles as an unused sub in a friendly match that took place in London, he dreams of playing for his country of birth someday but since 2017 when he was first invited alongside Ola Aina as seen in this picture, Ebere Eze has not been given a chance to prove his worth.
Twice, he was recently invited to the England under 21 National team, but on both ocassions against Kosovo and Turkey, he sat on the bench all through.
He is not complaining and never saw that as a setback. He is just eager to wear the green and white jersey of Nigeria.
His representatives BASE AGENCY in the united kingdom know they have a talent but they will not help him decide which National team to play for as the choice is totally his.

For close watchers of the Super Eagles, they all say that the missing link in that team is a creative midfielder. After the exit of JayJay Okocha, his nephew Alex Iwobi has emerged as an unlikely successor not because he lacks the ability to excel in that position but because he lacks the staying power to remain visible for the duration of the game.

Iwobi gets tired after 60 minutes and leaves everyone wondering if he is still on the pitch.
That is not the case with Ebere Eze the Messi of QPR. A diamond in dread. When he runs, the dreadlocks dances behind and gives him extra attention. He is a delight with the ball. He leaves his opponents watching in admiration and for those who are bold to come closer, he sells them dummies that leaves them sprawling.
He is the Messi-ah we have been waiting for, the damsel that will wet our appetite with tricks and leave us salivating in excitement. He has everything that you need in a good footballer and he is there for the taking.

Nigerians join me in begging Germot Rohr to look no further for talents. Forget all the fillers and go for a pillar. A player who can dazzle us to the point of ejaculation.

We want Ebere Eze, yes we want him. Last weekend he scored two great goals, on Tuesday he provided a sweet assist that led to a goal. What else do you want Mr Rohr?

Please call the Messi-ah now!

By Adewale Ajayi

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