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Birthday Poem For Leon Balogun By Marylyn Womi Hastings

Super Eagles defender, Leon Balogun is 31 today!

Pan African Queen/Goddess who also have green and white bleeding in her veins, Marylyn Womi Hastings dedicates this master piece to Aderemi.


Mixed with milk and chocolate, his life is sweet.
Smiling and laughing, his eyes are peaceful.
Running and defending, he knows his roots.
Far away in a distant land, we call you, Iroko.
You may not know us, but get the message
Your Ancestors await, your warm embrace
Your forefathers are calling; listen to their Ancestral voices.
Aderemi is the name they gave you;
You took away their sorrow, you blessed child!
Fill our hearts with joy
Free our spirits from pain
Come to this land and make us soar
Yes, we shall soar because you are The Eagle with a golden heart.

You are the hope of the Eaglets
And the pride of your father.
You are the reason we resonate songs of praise;
We await the child of the sun in peace.

© Marylyn Womi Hastings

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