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Signed Letter by Felix Anyansi Agwu confirms Mfon Udoh Suspension

Contrary to report going round the media concerning Enyimba Captain Mfon Udoh, report from Enyimba football club has it that Udoh is truly on suspension for gross misconduct and for not been a good ambassador of the club.

A letter released and signed by the club chairman narrated that Mfon Udoh has been handed an indefinite suspension for gross misconduct and indiscipline without pay until further notice.

The contents of the letter also reads that " your actions were severe breaches of your expected and entrusted role as captain and ambassador of Enyimba Football Club. They also demonstrated your significant disregard for the established authority and governing laws of Enyimba FC.
Be informed that your suspension takes effect immediately.

Letter that confirmed Mfon Udoh Suspension
Udoh has also made it known that his contract with Enyimba has expired and he is look for another challenge with another club. can confirm to the public that Mfon Udoh is still an Enyimba player but on indefinite suspension for now.

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